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Finance & Funding - Resource Allocation -  Execution to Completion

Success = (Vision x Capacity x Execution)


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"The secret to success is not in doing your own work but, in finding the right person to do it [with] you." ~ Andrew Carnegie

Examples - Descriptions of Service


Fees - Vary on Circumstance

Introductory conference between business owner/

developer and ATH

Discuss Project Ideas or Business Issues

No charge -

Between 1 to 2 hours 

Unlimited Professional, Confidential Advisory or


Retainer for 24/7/365

Availability for Advice & Counsel

$995.00 -

Consultant/client confidentiality and contract validation.

Business or Marketing or Financing Plans - or

Operational/Implementation Plans

Assist Writing, Review, Comment,

Modify and Finalize

$450.00 to $600.00 -

Per Assignment or Plan

Comprehensive Market Analysis or Feasibility Studies to include

 conceptual budgeting or cost verification.

Research and Development of Study -

Write and Present

$550.00 to $750.00 -

Per Assignment or Study

Solicit, Apply to Lender/Investor Financing, Funding,

Grants or In-Kind Contributions -Joint Ventures etc.

Research - Indentify Funding Sources -

Apply - Monitor

Negotiated or TBD -

Per Assignment (No brokering or fees)

Join Staff: Advisor - Mentor - Board Member

Provide Remote or In-Person Representation

Provide On Call Services

Negotiated or TBD  -

Per Assignment

A 26 year history of business development experience shows an average annual contract and project involvement of $114.5 million - $9.5 million per month or $2.2 million per week. We'll help you to grow your business. 'Make the Call' No Charge Call 1-207-930-5168 Ask for Art or Email Contact

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