"In my 25+ years in business, few people ... have ever really made a very good impression on me. However, a number of years ago I met Art House, who had a vision for making a difference in the property management, construction, and related affiliated industries, by publishing a periodical called Property Management & Construction Review. He expressed to me that his intention was to print pertinent, focused articles whose content would be both educating and (entertaining @ times).

     Well, talk is ... cheap so I took the wait and see approach. SURPRISE! SURPRISE! Some people actually attain what they set out to accomplish. Not only has Art accomplished what he set out to do ... but, he is setting new standards in connecting many affiliated professionals through all means of communications.  We at Integrity Services feel truly blessed to be a part of what Art and his energies have accomplished for all of us." - Kenneth Mack, Preesident Integrity Services, Painting - Waterproofing & Caulking, FL