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Professional Speaking - Lectures & Presentations

 “Art directed us toward new ways to use our expertise. He gave us more information in 90 minutes than any ten consultants could provide in a month. He's enthusiastic, supportive and inspiring - and that's catching”  
                                                                     - Margaret Runchey, President  CS3 Consulting, Jupiter, Florida
Speaking and Writing 
*  16 Years of Construction Management Presentations & Lectures 
*  16 Years of Adjunct Professor - Lectures and Academic Presentations 
*  30 Years of Executive Level Construction Management Experience 
*  220 Published Articles Construction Issues 
*  450+ Press Releases Related to Construction Issues 
*  50+ Academic Studies and Written Documents on Construction Issues 
*  Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of Several Construction Industry Magazines 
Adjunct Professor - Lecturer: 
* Florida International University - Construction Management Dept. 
* Partnering with Florida Atlantic University 
* Lynne University of Boca Raton 
* Franklin Pierce College of Concord New Hampshire 
* Executive Director of Construction Management Institute  
* Notre Dame of Manchester New Hampshire
Our rates for issue orientated speeches and presentations are:
$ 495.00/per day plus travel and lodging expenses.

A $95.00 Retainer is Required

Topics to Choose or Select Your Subject Matter


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