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Magazine Publishing - Trade Publications - Education & Training 

"In my 25+ years in business few people ... have ever really made a very good impression on me. However, a number of years ago I met Art House, who had a vision for making a difference in the property management, construction, and related affiliated industries, by publishing a periodical called Property Management & Construction Review. He expressed to me that his intention was to print pertinent, focused articles whose content would be both educating and (entertaining @ times). 
Well, talk is ... cheap so I took the wait and see approach. SURPRISE! SURPRISE! Some people actually attain what they set out to accomplish. Not only has Art accomplished what he set out to do ... but, he is setting new standards in connecting many affiliated professionals through all means of communications."  We at Integrity Services feel truly blessed to be a part of what Art and his organization are accomplishing for all of us. 

- Kenneth Mack  President  Integrity Services 

Painting & Waterproofing & Caulking, Inc. 

Jupiter, Florida 

"Please accept our sincere appreciation for providing our property management team, with a continual opportunity to share in your expertise, in the fields of construction management and particularly in the concrete restoration specialty on high-rise structures. As you know, we have in excess of 1200 managers and we represent more than twice that many properties, situated along the Atlantic Coastal waterways of Florida, Georgia and the Carolinas. We are faced everyday with potential construction projects with budgets from $100,000 to even in excess of $10 million and your knowledge and educational support, both in your articles and as taught in your many licensed property management Continuing Education Programs, has been a reliable source of much needed help to us. We look forward to your next edition of ACCJ your in-house CEU presentations."

 Sandra Dooley, Executive Director 

Property Management of the Palm Beaches 

Miami Beach, Florida 


“Art is a tremendous source of information and assistance as I’ve ‘grown’ my construction consulting practice. His knowledge of and background in the construction industry are considerable. Furthermore, his natural inclination to approach every conversation as a consultant/educator results in clear explanations, doable strategies, and significant recommendations for improvement. I have personally solicited his advice on numerous occasions, and have observed him offering suggestions to others who have turned to him for help. He is a people person, has practical experience, has a no-nonsense bottom-line approach and knows what he’s talking about: exactly the type of teacher I would have liked to have had as a student at the University of Florida Building Construction program. He lends credibility from an industry perspective, as many construction professionals are skeptical of “academics” who lack hands-on expertise. His unique combination of academic and technical credentials serve students, clients and administration well.” 

- Margaret Runchey, President 

CS3 Consulting Services 

Palm Beach Gardens, Florida

“I have known Art House for several years and recommend him for any faculty position. Art brings to his classroom the normal academic theory tempered with 20 years of industrial experience. Art is the kind of ‘no-nonsense’ individual who can deliver a lesson and explain how it really works in the outside world. I have had business dealings with Art and have found him to be refreshingly honest and always professional. I placed two of my students with Art as part of their internship training. Both gave him the highest ratings in their exist evaluations. Art is always willing to help students in their professional development outside of the classroom. He managed to get two of his students to publish magazine articles in their field of expertise related to the Internet. It is this type of commitment to others that makes Art an asset to any institution.” 

- Michael Petroski, 

Assistant Professor 

Lynn University, Boca Raton, Florida

“Art House is a polished professional with a high degree of personal standards for performance and quality. His strong analytical and interpersonal skills enable him to be one of the most talented adjunct instructors, decision-makers and creative problem solvers I have ever known. He also has a strong sense of situation and is able to instruct and lead others as necessary. His extensive hands-on prior business experience is and has been a significant asset. Art is motivated to succeed and is willing to pay the price in hard work to attain that success. I found him to be of high moral fiber and believe he would be a valuable asset to any institution. He has the disposition and character commensurate with and expected of a professional.” 

- Dr. Peter T. Di Paolo   NOVA Southeastern University 

And President of Integrated Consultants International 

Plantation, Florida

"As head of the Construction Management & Construction Department of Graduate Studies, I have interacted with Mr. House for over seven years. He is an extremely talented, factual based and well researched educator. He brings an energy to the classroom that motivates and inspires his students in many ways. He has lectured in various fields of expertise and across different schools of thought. It is not often that the construction industry is provided with executive level training from Adjunct Professors, who posse a commanding cross knowledge of a multidiscipline nature, in the construction industry. Mr. House has taught courses in; Construction Business Development  & Strategic Planning, Construction Industry Entrepreneurship, Financial Management for Construction, and Construction Funding of Real Estate Development Projects. His classes always included actual hands-on marketing and business development projects resulting in completed Marketing & Business Development Plans for his student's firms. Literally, he has had the cream of the crop from Construction Management and General Contractor Firms, throughout the SE, in his classrooms over the years. Mr. House is one of the best."

-Jack Dye, Retired   Florida International University 

Pembroke Pines, Florida




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