Client Comments Regarding Management Services

     "During my many years in business, when I was either the CFO of a Fortune 500 company or the President of a successful Chicago bank, I have always been hesitant to write letters of recommendation. But, in the case of Mr. House, I am quite pleased and confident.

I have known Art for several years, even before he relocated to Florida. I have the pleasure of working with him as a volunteer consultant with the Florida Atlantic University SBDC. I was so impressed with his attitude of Getting the Job Done that I later had the opportunity to work with him on several consulting assignments. Art has a unique ability not only to understand the technical aspects of a job but also the financial controls required to meet the budget. He is also one of the most energetic individuals I have ever met and he, therefore, creates an energetic environment all around him. This is contagious and it manifests itself in visible increases in productivity."

If you are looking for a consultant, educator, or any other executive type person who, "requires honesty, energy, integrity, reliability, dependability, intelligence, construction experience, financial acumen, and just plain common sense, then look no further than Art House." - H. S. Brown, President - Big Sky Enterprises, Inc. Jupiter, FL

     "Mr. House made a significant difference when we embarked on a transformational program. The combination of his strong analytical skills, in-depth technical and business knowledge and a collaborative working style, was exactly what we needed. The way Art supported and challenged us was a key to our success." - Leonard Klein - CEP Morganti Strasser, FL

     "Art is a people person, has practical experience, has a no-nonsense bottom-line approach and knows what he’s talking about: exactly the type of professor I would have liked to have had as a student at the University of Florida Building Construction program. Art directed us toward new ways to use our expertise. He gave us more information in 90 minutes than any ten consultants could provide in a month. He's enthusiastic, supportive and inspiring - and that's catching. He bestows credibility from an industry perspective, as many construction professionals are skeptical of “academics” that often tend to lack hands-on expertise. His unique combination of academic and practitioner credentials serve students, clients and administration well.”  - Margaret Runchey, CS3 Consulting Services, FL
     "I have known Art House for several years through the Gold Coast Builders Association network. Mr. House has an extensive knowledge of construction industry marketing and business development from a hands-on perspective. Art has a unique ability to impart his knowledge base to others, whether they are clients or his Graduate Students at Florida International University. I believe his credentials make him an excellent choice as a consultant or educator." - Marsha Myers,Exec. Dir. Gold Coast Builsers Assoc. FL
    "Mr. House ... impressed me as a professional orientated toward contributing a high degree of proficiency, integrity, cooperation, and attention to detail in all of his undertakings. I've known him to manage all ... with great diligence and strict adherence to fiduciary accountability. You will find him to possess a high level of energy aimed at providing a compelling level of energetic, exacting, detailed and competent service to his constituents."  - Scott Patten, President GSC, Inc. Construction Managers
    "Art developed implementation plans for manufacturing facilities to produce CLT timbers and SIP panels. Also, he introduced the production of bricks and blocks from existing resources damaged by the earthquake in Haiti and the production and assemblage of windows and doors to be used in affordable social housing that could be built by a citizen workforce. I remain forever appreciative of Mr. House and his selfless assistance, support and professional guidance – for which he informed me that he was grateful to have been able to contribute toward.” - Kerry Babb, President & CEO Paradise Technologies & Solutions