Client Comments Regarding Development Services
      “I first became familiar with Mr. House when he worked toward his MBA at New Hampshire College. Mr. House and I were Adjuncts at Franklin Pierce University in Rindge, New Hampshire. We became associated in outside ventures related to education, construction, humanitarian assistance abroad and in politics of the time. I was the Campaign Chair for Alexander Haig Jr. during his run for presidency in 1988. Mr. House was a proponent of GHW Bush. Looking back, Mr. House worked with both parties as George Bush won the presidency and Mr. House, not only met Mr. Haig during his run but also was successful in building an addition to his home in Florida years later.  
      As a direct result of Mr. House’s acute business development awareness and humanitarian interests he was instrumental in my having the opportunity and eventual success in being the first US based company to provide assistance to Kuwait after the US liberated the country. Mr. House introduced me to the Al Hammadi Group, as one of its representatives was, at the time of the initial military action, stranded in New Hampshire. Subsequently, with the help of Mr. House and Mr. Haig, my company provided metal building systems, medical supplies and food stuffs to Kuwait to assist in rebuilding the burning structures and to tend to feeding and treating medically the citizens of Kuwait.  

      Art House is an extremely talented individual with a deep sense of commitment to helping others and to doing good work in his chosen fields of interest. I would welcome any opportunity to work with Mr. House in the future and would recommend him very highly to anyone interested in getting a tough job done.” - Thomas McGrevey, President - TPM Consulting, New Hampshire

     "Mr. House proved extremely productive in channeling our business development initiatives toward a more appropriate client mix. His three-pronged approach to our growth was not just plain common sense but, hugely profitable for us. In restructuring our business model from that of a General Contractor to Construction Management we streamlined our operations, moved from a capital intensive company reliant upon competitive bidding for projects that often earned the lowest profit margins, to being paid a fee for our expertise. By restructuring our business development approach from bidding to negotiating – we mitigated an adversarial client base and delivered us into to a collaborative working relationship. That has made all the difference. He saved our company and provided us with a road map to success." - Bryant Rogers, Allied Construction, Inc. CT

     “Art told me he could find me $1 million in new site-work in one year. Well, $ 960,000 in three months was all I could handle.” - MW Parrot, MWP Site Work Construction

    “I realized a remarkable outcome, of a casual...discussion, with a stranger...over a cup of coffee. While talking about Ford Dealership, I an acquaintance that I needed a new building but could not find a place to build [it]...I did not have the funds readily available and I had a building that I grew out of that...needed to be sold.   Next to me was a man who...took out a pencil and...a napkin and began taking notes and sketching...[the] type of building he heard me [talking about]. He asked me to lay ‘wish list’ ...  He sketched a...building that...looked like a dream then – [but] is now my expanded dealership. Art found a piece of land that was an island – we elevated the site and built on it.  He...assisted in the design/build effort to make this project successful...he helped arrange funding, he negotiated with...the Design/Build firm, he arranged assistance in selling our old building and moving major equipment from the old structure to our new site.  If a man by the name of Art House walks up to you with a pencil and a napkin and draws a building for you – you should start planning to move into it.” - Ken Carpenter, President of Ken Carpenter Ford 

     "Cranmore Ridge Condominium PUD took Art only 30 days to negotiate ... $ 4.1 million ... the biggest contract NBB had in 31 years." - Doing Business in Concord, New Hampshire Business Review, NH

   "Necessity breeds vision. In a small NH town of about 2,000 people and no home delivery of mail, there was a need for a new Post Office. Two sites were available nearby. Art structured the purchase of both. One was a mountain and the other a ravine. We moved the mountain to the ravine and built a Post office and a Mini-Plaza. Even though banks were not issuing construction loans during the banking restructuring days, he got the project 100% financed based on the PO lease that he negotiated on our behalf.  Art advertised for tenants and arranged to help start their busineses and get them financing (SBA). We filled the entire building with new and complementing businesses, started a convenience store with entrance arches that had to be walked through to get to the PO. We owned the store - fully designed and outfitted by Art's client Associated Grocers of Manchester, NH. When completed, we sold the building 100% leased, while at the same time local plazas were 60% vacant. What more can one ask for?" - Dartmouth College Highway Plaza, NH

     “Art introduced us to, and we signed, in excess of $ 3 million in new contract work in the last twelve months alone. He's off to a great start in fiscal 1999. If you or your company would like to find, negotiate, manage and complete serious construction work - you don't need  to look further. Art outperformed all of my expectations.” - Richard Kurzman Double E Constructors Fort Lauderdale, Florida

     "Art is an exceptionally bright business development professional who obtained funding, preconstruction sales and other tangibles to get our $27M project back to life. Art negotiated a GMP contract with a Construction Management firm for us and our project "Atlantia on Jupiter's Riverwalk" is now a reality for us.  He is devoted to getting a company to grow.  He worked tirelessly to make it happen. Art is a high energy professional, diligent and sticks to a task until it's done.  I would definitely work with Art again. " - Sidney Adler, Member WAVE Holdings, LLC FL

     "Art's intuitively driven approach to establishing for us, an analytical business development program combined with his actual hands-on business experiences, provided perspective we needed to create value for our clients and ultimately our firm." - Randy Marshall Director of Development Atlantic Global Enterprises, LLC - Atlanta, GA