Funding & Finance For Client Projects
    "Fox Run was a small project of $8 million. Because of his work, we were successful in obtaining a commitment of funds to commence work. Not only did Mr. House make this project possible but, he did it again for us on our planned project The Refuge, which was a 113 unit planned unit development with a $13 million budget. We'll use the services of Mr. House again - and again."  - James Murray, President - J.M. Muray

    "....We were successful in obtaining the commitment for funding shortly after we finalized our work with Mr. House. In this economic climate of 2008, that is almost unheard of. Without his assistance in obtaining the $15 million needed, we would not have been able to proceed."  - James Katzoudas, Princple, Capital III Management, LLC

    "Over the last three years, we have borrowed up to 10 individual loans, with a total amount between $125,000 and $150,000 in small amounts, for inventory, small equipment replacements, operating cash and for several other needs. Mr. House has built our business and finance plans to be presented in every case and we were able to access the funds sometimes in less than two days. This is a service my small company needs but I can't do because I am doing the work in the field and not the office." - MLK TS Laurent Logging Searsport, ME 

     "Mr. House sought funding for several projects we had under development, in the amount of $183 Million between 2007 - 2008. He was successful in finding funds where none seemed to exist." - Frank Miletto, Pres. Centurian Partners

    "Mr. House negotiated in excess of $225 Million in new construction contracts for us as a General Contractor and over $1.5 Million in new CM at Risk Fees in under an 18-month period. When we needed funding to enhance productive capacity; Art raised the funds. When our client needed investment funds he arranged for unit sales, bridge loans, venture capital and long-term loans." - M. P. Moore, President Moore Construction Management, Inc.

    "Art is an exceptionally bright business development professional who obtained funding, preconstruction sales and other tangibles to get our $27M project back to life. Art negotiated a GMP contract with a Construction Management firm for us and our project "Atlantia on Jupiter's Riverwalk" is now a reality for us.  He is devoted to getting a company to grow.  He worked tirelessly to make it happen. Art is a high energy professional, diligent and sticks to a task until it's done.  I would definitely work with Art again." - Sidney Adler, Member WAVE Holdings, LLC

    "In order to proceed with our development, we needed $3.4 million for construction costs and an additional $1.1 in soft costs. With no foreseeable funding in sight, from traditional sources, we asked Art to see what he could do to raise the funds required to move forward. Three months later, we broke ground and saved our project - and literally our life's savings. A casual introduction to Art resulted in the successful funding of our project." - Trace Oliver, V. P. Stony Brook Estates, LLC

    "When our productive capacity was close to being outstripped...Art arranged an investment of $300,000 in cash to cover their needs and to fund their preconstruction soft-costs. Art then negotiated with an institutional buyer for the presell-out of more than 25% of the proposed units for the developer. The project went forward and we received a $40 million contract for construction." - T. M. Moore, President Moore Constrution Management