Humanitarian Work - Haiti and Caribbean Region

     “Thank you for your proposal for the delivery and installation of a city wide Solar Lighting system for our Cité Soleil-Year 2011 project. This as you know, is my brother, President Martelly’s priority project. We hope that your associates and our team as well are able to raise the necessary funds to install these desperately needed lighting systems in the most hard hit and hazardous of locations. On behalf of the people of Haiti I thank you for your continued support.” -  Dr. Farah Blain, Miami, Florida & Haiti - Sister to President Martelly of Haiti

     “Dear Mr. House, we want to thank you for visiting with us in Washington DC and with our team on the ground in Haiti. We appreciate you providing your professional predevelopment and feasibility research work necessary for us to complete our contemplated 102 three-bedroom facility within our overall social housing program to serve the needs of the displaced citizens on Haiti since the earthquake of 2010. Your unique approach and concept will greatly benefit participants of this overall project is that the workforce to be trained and gainfully employed under this program will actually build these homes and be the very first persons to be offered means and methods of owning their home. As we move forward with the UN and with other agencies such as UNESCO we will continue to engage your services.”  Dr. David Goatly, Director African American Baptist Mission Collaboration, Washington, DC

      “We are thankful for your work – with us and with the African American Baptist Mission Collaboration, on our planned housing project for Haiti. Your proposal for the utilization of Modularized CIP Panelized Homes is of great interest to us and we welcome your continued research and development on this potential for affordable housing that not only can be constructed quickly but has the unique ability to use local materials to manufacture the panels and more importantly, the people that would be trained for this work will also be the beneficiaries of a new skill, gainful employment and a home as well."  Kathi L. Reid, Lott Carey Foreign Mission Convention, Washington, DC 

     "We have had the pleasure of working with Mr. House… as an international business development consultant on several significant projects related to my…diplomatic relationships on the Island Countries of Antiqua, St. Lucia and St. Kitts. Mr. House …devised in its entirety, programs that involved feasibility studies for Renewable Energy Plants in [Biomass],…Wind and Solar sectors, Municipal Waste to Energy Plants, Jatropha Plantation and Bio-Diesel production for export, Low Cost – Social Housing utilizing alternative building [forest] products such as CLP and SIP structures and Sustainable Technology.

     He developed implementation plans for manufacturing facilities to produce CLT timbers and SIP panels. Also, he introduced the production of bricks and blocs from existing resources damaged by the earthquake in Haiti and the production and assemblage of windows and doors to be used in affordable social housing that could be built by a citizen workforce.  Considering the regional devastation occurring in Haiti in 2010 – Mr. House continued his pro-bono services far beyond Haiti and worked diligently with us to present economic opportunities for other island countries most affected by economic fall out of the earthquake. The programs and projects devised and or developed with Mr. House’s effort was estimated to be in excess of $1 billion USD. I remain forever appreciative of Mr. House and his selfless assistance, support and professional guidance – for which he informed me that he was grateful to have been able to contribute toward.” - Kerry Babb, Pres./CEO Paradise Technologies & Solutions, VA

    "We want to acknowledge your valuable work and support expended on our behalf in developing our forward looking projects on Haiti after the earthquake of 2010. As we worked with and were affiliated with UNESCO and the Clinton Global Alliance, we explored many important initiatives and we could not have done all that we have done in Léogâne and the countryside without your professional input – and of course your selfless humanitarian donation of your time over the past two plus years.

​​​​​​​     The Léogâne social housing project and the Agrarian Plantation in and of itself will serve a local population in excess of 250,000 Haiti citizens. If you can implement your Jatropha project and or help us to engage the necessary resources to make our ‘Miscanthus Energy Grass’ project a reality we will have changed the landscape on Haiti.  If there is ever a time and or a project that calls for our help – please contact us and we will do all in our power to assist you. Good luck to you in everything you do.  By the way, take care of those horses we donated to your son Mark, up there in Maine – we are pleased to have found a home with your family - on the farm in Maine - for several of our Phillies.” - Dr. Robert Barr, Pres. Star Group International, LLC Middletown, PA