Operations and Implementation are the carrying out, execution, or practice of a plan, a method, or any design, idea, model, specification, standard or policy for doing something. As such, implementation is the action that typically follows the preliminary work from concept to funding, in order for something to actually happen. Significant history in management proves over and over, that all of the above can be accomplished - and if you don't commit to the project - everything is in jeopardy. This is one of the most important components of success.
A sample of Client Comments
     "We reorganized our existing business model, Purchasing Policies, and Debt Structure, as recommended by Art House. We saved, by cost containment initiatives alone, $168,000 per year, which went directly to the bottom-line.  Art has proven to be highly articulate and knowledgeable about matters that helped us to implement meaningful change in our business operations, which increased the value of our business.- Rob Heintzman, GM JR's Volvo, KY

     "Art ... will work through any obstacle, or figure a way to go over it or around it. His great strength is grounded in an ability to manage multiple projects in multiple stages and get things done on time and under/on budget.  He is good at delegating.  He has good time management skills, never once late on commitments that he made to clients or the people that worked for him.  Paper work, budgets, cost analysis; on target, on time.  He sets high goals, and wants others to meet their goals as well. Art will work harder than the next person to get things done. He is a strong leader who inspires others." - Al Dougherty, Principle Design & Development, FL

     “Mr. House, we wish to express our appreciation for your assistance in developing a proposal for us to establish an Emergency based - Temporary Floating Hotel on Haiti to house the many professionals engaged in our overwhelming reconstruction programs after the earthquake.  The floating structure will be utilized primarily to house engineers, architects, and professionals involved in our programs for building social housing, medical clinics and to install solar lighting systems for Port au Prince, the demolition of fallen structures, training of Haiti citizens in all trades of construction.  We have issued you under separate cover an authorization for you to proceed without delay to assist Monsieur Willy Duchêne in implementation of the work contemplated.  - Salomon Gaudy - Head of Logistics and Security General Inspectorate of Finance (IGF)

     "While Art was in charge of plant and facilities operations for Associated Grocers of New England, he called me with an emergency. Apparently a site work company was exploring for a leak from an underground fuel tank at their truck depot in Manchester, NH. The company began digging with an excavator in an area specifically designated by Art not to be disturbed due to a lack of clearly defined ‘as built’ drawings that showed the potential existence of an 8” diameter water main. The contractor dug, hit the high pressure water line and the empty fuel tanks blew out of the ground about 10’ in the air. Water was shut down for all businesses in the area. By the time I got to the site the TV News choppers were there and the project was a catastrophe. Art signed a contract on the spot – we had the project finished in less than two days – new fuel tanks, rerouted water line and completed reconstruction of the degraded area due to the water’s force. All was up and running in two days. The real task was accessing ‘Super Fund’ monies not only to pay us but to reimburse AGNE as well. Mr. House accessed those funds for AGNE…If you need a guy who can assess a problem in an instant and put corrective action in place in the blink of an eye – get the work done and get you paid – Then Art is your guy.” - Darrell Dodge, President of Dodge Construction, NH

    "Art House’s services were engaged by AGNE from November 1990 to February 1992. His responsibilities included construction services, capital budgeting and building projects, and support to our 280 retail stores in five states.  During his time here he completed many projects and still cut expenses. Art's organization ... has made things much easier for AGNE ...  as he was instrumental to reducing costs of operating. I have found Art to be organized and articulate. He is a highly motivated person." - John Franz, Director of Operations - Associated Grocers of New England, NH

     "Arthur was engaged by Baybutt Construction Managers, as a Project Manager. His duties were that of executive management of industrial and commercial sites in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. He performed all of his duties with demonstrated skill and integrity. Art recently took over a $1+ million project that was over budget and beyond schedule. As a result of his aggressiveness and communication abilities, with all parties involved, he completed the project ahead of time and on budget. Art brought a great deal of energy to this firm and has been a motivational force in the field. I would say his most outstanding characteristics are his ability to assess situations rapidly and to perform in a highly professional manner with straightforwardness of character and honesty. I rate him as a superior project manager ..." - David R. Boles Director of Marketing & Development Bay butt Construction Corp., Keene, NH

     "In Art's capacity as the Executive Project Manager on several impressive concrete restoration projects in Florida and overseas, I have found his extensive background in heavy commercial construction to have given him the requisite credentials to run just about any project I could imagine. On all of the projects that I have worked on with him, I have found him to be highly skilled, sincere and dedicated to providing excellent, high quality service to not only his clients but, to all persons affiliated with the project at hand."  - Richard Kurzman Double E. Constructors Fort Lauderdale, Florida

     "Mr. House has assisted me, in many significant ways, on several major concrete restoration projects in Florida and abroad. He was specifically responsible for site inspections and pre-project planning which is required in the pre-bid documentation phase, and the subsequent prequalification and selection process of contractor analysis and contract execution.

      Art is extremely competent and very professional, and highly articulate. He has always impressed me with his willingness to give more of himself, than one would expect, not only to his clients but, to mine as well. If there was ever a man to assist you, or to consult with you, in [construction] and or executive project management, then Mr. House would be that person."  - E. Al. Reppert, PE Fl Cert. No 29993 Delray Beach, Florida