Funding - Finance

    Funding may come from a loan (dept) or an investor (equity) structure. Sources of funding include lines of credit, venture capital, donations,  grants, savings, subsidies, and taxes - or, capital leases for equipment and machinery. While this is usually in the form of money, it can also take the form of effort or donated labor and time from an organization or company. Alternatives to cash and capital have been the investment of trucks, equipment, and strategically placed open-accounts with trade vendors or a reduced or forbearance on an annual lease of a building for  short term. We work with our clients where they may need a finance plan for their lenders, we will develop the documentation required by a lender - so that the client may obtain a better chance at getting the funding they need - both in the amount of funds but also on favorable terms. Again, we don't tell you how to do it - we help you get it done!
A sample of Client Comments
      "Art House sought funding for several projects we had under development, in the amount of $183 Million between 2007 and 2008. He was successful in finding funds where none seemed to exist. When we needed capital, we turned to Art. As a result, he was afforded the task of negotiating with construction professionals, Architects/Engineers & CM Firms, to place our work. All of which he did with the utmost of diligence and professionalism. As a major developer in the Southeastern Region of the US, we can assure that our future work will be going through Mr. House as well." - Frank Milleto, Pres. Centurion Partners, FL

     "We required a bank commitment for a construction loan in the amount of $2.5 million. For us to get there, we needed to complete a couple other tasks as well. Art negotiated with an Institutional buyer new condo units prior to their construction. He was about to secure a hard commitment for about 50% of the units at preconstruction pricing points. This provided evidence of the project viability fo the bank. We also needed a bridge loan for soft costs in the amount of $300,000 - Mr. House arranged for and secured for us this loan - within two weeks from the time we asked his assistance. What else can be said?" - Perry Sanders, Vero Beach, FL
     “To say that ‘Art House’ has been helpful to my business would be an understatement. His knowledge of the legal and technical side of sub-contracting has gone a long way toward giving me the insights in the field where my expertise is lacking. His consulting with me in reading and understanding complexities of Florida Lien Laws has given me confidence. We have instituted new policies on how to protect our financial integrity by implementing common sense directives. As a small struggling company, having the services of Mr. House has been a much needed boost.” - Mary Margaret Heaton, Owner - A Concept in Carpets, Pompano Beach, FL

     "We retained Art House in early 2009 to write our business development plan, together with a feasibility study and market analysis for our Fox Run project, a 36-unit residential development in Brunswick. Absent this meticulously detailed work, we would not have been able to proceed. With the professional documentation generated, from a completely open and objective viewpoint, we were armed with the necessary tools to obtain funding and to progress. Fox Run was a small project of $8 million. Because of his work, we were successful in obtaining a commitment of funds to commence work. Not only did Mr. House make this project possible but, he did it again for us on our planned project The Refuge, which was a 113 unit planned unit development with a $13 million budget. We'll use the services of Mr. House again - and again." James Murray, President J. M. Murray Co., GA

    "The work performed by Art House is very substantial and I am pleased with what he has provided me. He has spent considerable time on providing me with Excel spreadsheets and other tools to help me to manage my Cash Flow. I have found Art to be professional and very helpful. I would definitely recommend him most highly to anyone in the construction trades. - Troy Greenberg, President Greenberg's Custom Cabinets, IL

     "Art is great at 'business matchmaking' - he puts people, businesses, opportunities, sources and resources together."  - Allison Pruitt, Pres. Association Management, Palm Beach, FL

     "Mr. House negotiated in excess of $225 Million in new construction contracts for us as a General Contractor and over $1.5 Million in new CM at Risk Fees in under an 18-month period. When we needed funding to enhance productive capacity; Art raised the funds. When our client needed investment funds he arranged for unit sales, bridge loans, venture capital and long-term loans." - Michael P. Moore Pres. Moore Construction Management Inc., FL

    "Art provides good network contacts and several leads for jobs came from them. He ... gets things done." - Ken Grant, President Grant Builders, FL

     "In order to proceed with our development, we needed $3.4 million for construction costs and an additional $1.1 in soft costs. With no foreseeable funding in sight, from traditional sources, we asked Art to see what he could do to raise the funds required to move forward. Three months later, we broke ground and saved our project - and literally our life's savings. A casual introduction to Art resulted in the successful funding of our project." - Trace Oliver, V.P. Stony Brooke Villages, NY