Strategic Alliances

A strategic alliance is an association or relationship formed between parties to pursue a set of mutually agreed upon objectives while remaining independent organizations. A strategic alliance need not be not a partnership or corporate affiliate relationship. Alliances are formed for a strategic purpose, where the parties may possess business assets or a particular expertise that will help the other by enhancing their businesses. Strategic alliances develop relationships where the parties achieve long-term benefits based on mutually desired outcomes.
A sample of Client Comments

     “We are thankful for your work – with us and with the African American Baptist Mission Collaboration, on our planned housing project for Haiti. Your proposal for the utilization of Modularized CIP Panelized Homes is of great interest to us and we welcome your continued research and development on this potential for affordable housing that not only can be constructed quickly but has the unique ability to use local materials to manufacture the panels and more importantly, the people that would be trained for this work will also be the beneficiaries of a new skill, gainful employment and a home as well." - Lott Carey Foreign Mission Convention, DC

    "Without your help we would not have been able to move forward with our Riverwalk project in Jupiter. The entire team was assembled by you and we are most appreciative of that effort. Now, with pre-construction sales, bridge funding, strategic partnered construction management and subcontractor forces and a commitment for take-out funding - we can finally commence work. Up until now we were at a stand-still." - Sidney Adler, FL

"Thanks Art - I needed your help - and you were there. The world needs more like you." Dan Buckless of Tory Pines Golf Resort, NH