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     The primary benefit of our Client-Centered Advisory-Consulting services is its low cost. You won’t pay for travel, lodging, transportation or per diem rates. We will never ask you to hire us for a block of high cost billable hour consulting fees. We are not on your staff or payroll but we promise to always be available and on-call 24/7/365 – when you need us. We work on specific assigned tasks or a limited-bundled scope of projects you choose. Our advisory talents bring true objectivity and real world counseling for your decision making. We work on a strictly adhered-to "advisor-client relationship" with a duty of care and confidentiality such as you would expect from any law firm. When you engage our services, we make our, more than 40-years of executive level experience and training fully available to you and your company. Our combined projects and program resume includes a career budget in excess of $3.5 billion. Every project is measured differently. We have found that working closely with clients, who are equally committed to their success, has been a momentous part of that success.

A sample of Client Comments
    “Art has a deep-seated, sincere desire to…discover the root of any problem and seek remedy for it. He's willing to go way beyond what many professional consultants are willing to do. In the consulting business, reputation is stock in trade, and Art is most reliable.  It's nice to come across someone who gives you more than you expect.” - Harold Brown Gold Coast  Real Estate

    "Art House has provided us with exemplary consulting service. He has demonstrated his expert knowledge in the construction industry, and especially here in New Hampshire, where it was revealed that New Hampshire is his home state, and he is intuitively connected to many of those we do business with already.  We have found Art to be a consultant who possesses a comprehensive background and wealth of experience in the construction industry - from Executive Management, Marketing & Business Development, Finance and Human Resources to Estimating, Project Management and Project Costing. We recommend him most highly to any construction industry firm - especially here in New Hampshire." - Paul Baillargeon, President Contract Openings, Inc., Londonderry, NH.
     "Art helped to reorganize our marketing and business development efforts to better align our construction management company with a prospective client type, better suited for our capital constraints and productive capacity." - Robert Greer, President - Peabody Construction, NY
    "Art completed the first phase of a project with us - and we are more than pleased. I was especially impressed with how fast and efficiently Art grasped our corporate culture - he was efficient, quick and extremely knowledgeable. I would like to share a comment made by my Finance Officer - "This was the best money we ever spent."  - Jodie Bernire, President - ISE - Magtech, Texas

    "Art's professionalism, knowledge, experience and good nature made him an asset to our company and a pleasure to work with. We have enacted his recommendations and look forward to great results. When we need consulting services again, rest assured we will be calling Art House again."  - Andrew Bassi, President - Mineral Masters Corp., IL   

     "Art is extremely knowledgeable in the construction business. He provides concise and timely advice." - Stephen Gasright, Pres. Poly-Ti-Kote, FL  

     "Art directed us toward new ways to use our expertise. He gave us more information in 90 minutes than any ten consultants could provide in a month. He's enthusiastic, supportive and inspiring - and that's catching. He bestows credibility from an industry perspective, as many construction professionals are skeptical of “academics” that often tend to lack hands-on expertise. His unique combination of academic and practitioner credentials serve students, clients and administration well.” - Margaret Runchy, President CS3 Consulting Services, Palm Beach Gardens, FL
     "Art negotiated a Professional Services contract for our Architectural/Engineering firm, pursuant to his consultation responsibilities with a School Board. Art was instrumental in negotiating equitable fees for our services, and the actual cost of construction with the General Contractor. Art's consulting involvement resulted in a fast-tracked project, which finished four months ahead of schedule and significantly under budget. Art is sincere, dedicated and driven by a sense of fairness and an appreciation of the complexities of our difficult industry." - Kirk Wilkenson, AIA Wilkenson & Associates, PA, NH
     Our Advisory Services are our initial platform for serving our clients to accomplish their objectives and goals. This service puts our clients in touch with us on a 24/7/365 basis where we are able to take calls, emails or other virtual messages (SKYPE - etc.). Our Advisory Service in a flat one time fee made annually (or you may elect to pay it quarterly) and it opens the door to our entire portfolio of capabilities that can be put to work on your behalf. Visit our Engagement Page for details. 

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