Advisor and Alternative Dispute Resolution Consultant to Industry: Supporting Clients from Concept to Turn-Key

     By combining 40+ years of executive management expertise with a law degree, focused on business development, I offer a multi-disciplined, consulting service to associates and clients. I serve all with the utmost Skill, Integrity, & Responsibility. My associates and clients are owners/developers, construction  managers,  general contractors, specialty contractors or subcontractors, and vendors. My focus is on project development and management, facilitation of strategic management and finance processes, preventive planning to mitigate controversies, and avoidance of disputes. In defense of potential claims, I have provided professional expert witness testimony and support to law firms in furtherance of their reaching equitable resolutions to project-related controversies or disputes. Our expertise encompasses multi-facets of projects from conceptual planning - to close out or turn-key. Our Advisory Services are available to Client/Associates 24/7 - Register with us FREE and you can contact us to discuss any issue. Speak with us in strict confidence - FREE ​​​​​​​ 

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