​​​​​​​Construction Management Institute: Advising, Teaching, Mentoring and Consulting in Construction Business Development - Forestry, Logs, Timber & Biomass Industries​​​​​​​

Offering over 40-years of business development experience, in commercial and industrial markets, including the forestry industry and exports of raw logs, sawn timbers, and renewable energy. Our career resume exceeds $3.5 billion. Our 'hands-on' approach is geared toward achieving your goals, identify and analyze projects, validate market feasibility, and implement project plans. We help develop a project plan, secure appropriate funding sources (i.e. grants, loans, or seed money from investment circles) - 'we'll do it with you.  We serve our clients with strict confidentiality and a duty of care, working diligently on your behalf. Our only goal is to accomplish your goals.