E=MC3 - Biomass

A Substitute or Complementary Alternative to Wood Pellets
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       Continued reliance on Industrial Wood Pellets as a Carbon Neutral Biomass Commodity can no longer be sustained in light of credible research by leading scientics and environmental groups across the globe. This presentation provides a Substitutive Solution to wood pellets, offering insights on how leading CHP plants can make meaningful differences in both their responsibility to the environment while reducing costs to operate a CHP facility at the same time. 

       Substitute products are commodities that can be used interchangeably. They have similar features and solve the same problem which makes them comparable alternatives. Where a substitute commodity can replace a traditionally recognized commodity, the complementary commodity can be consumed together. With a commodity such as wood pellets used as a supply of renewable energy fiber, for combined heat and power generation throughout the EU, an increase in price or a detrimental impact on deforestation, causes irreparable harm to sustainable forests, then the demand for wood pellets will decrease and a reliance on alternaive commodities will increase.